Folklore is a peek into the cultural history of a region. The roots of which one can trace back to quaint villages and grand palaces. Most of these stories have been carried through generations.

Some so old, it is impossible to know where they originated. Crafts are a reflection of these stories. If one studies each craft carefully, the processes of most of the crafts are derived almost always from a place of faith. They are a reflection of the close connections that string together a person with his or her natural surroundings. 

Gondh, Madhubani and miniature paintings are some of the ancient Indian crafts that served as inspiration for our Folk Tales story. Peacocks and lotuses, wild flowers and cheetahs - our new hand drawn prints are sprinkled on lush silk textiles. You will find fluid silhouettes in jewel tones, embellished with intricate hand embroideries like pita, zardozi and needlework. Folk-stories we’re re-writing with a little twist.

Happy reading(wearing)!