The night was still. The sky, a blanket of stars.
She watched the horizon with a peaceful heart. She had seen many wonders in her lifetime, yet none quite like this.’

The beauty of the night sky was breathtaking, and with each passing moment, Luna was mesmerized. She smiled, feeling confident and inspired. 

Luna, like her namesake - the goddess of the night sky, felt herself expand as the light left the sky. She offered grace to the natural elements, for her health and for her existence. 

Our new collection is an assortment of dreamy, distinct pieces that embody the essence of our Luna. 

Featuring flowy yet powerful silhouettes and original JODI prints, our designs are a tribute to the tranquility and mystery of the lunar. Albeit with a modern twist. 
It features bold and beautiful prints, intricate details, and easy fabrics. Each piece is designed to make you feel beautiful and confident. We hope that you will find something special in our collection to make you feel as such.