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Jul 24, 24

Curious & Curiouser

We first came across Namita on Instagram, where she was reviewing a book she had recently read. It was so articulate and immersive that it immediately caught our attention. Namita likes to call herself a pathologically curious and intellectually promiscuous being who loves to live everyday humdrum banalities of life with full-bodied gusto. For years, she's been exploring life with a sweet mix of adventure and passion. Though she proudly calls herself an actor, it's just one facet of who she is.

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Jun 21, 24

Stories From The Stage And Screen with Joyeeta ...

From lighting up both the stage and the screen, Joyeeta's a truly multifaceted gem. Her screen debut in "A Suitable Boy", directed by the legendary Mira Nair, no less, launched her career, and the magic continued with a sensational role in the stage adaptation of Mira's BAFTA-winning "Monsoon Wedding" – talk about full circle moments! 

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Mar 04, 24


Anjali welcomed JODI to her vibrant Goa home. It's a sight to behold—her casa oozes with a bold, audacious style that's just so Anjali. Anjali's journey started with an unbridled passion for art and creativity, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

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Feb 21, 24

Unveiling the layers with Preeta Sukhtankar

A firecracker of a woman, Preeta Sukhtankar is all kinds of different. A single adoptive mom with an ex-husband for her best friend or rather her primary care giver as she has calls him, Preeta has had extensive business experience in the fashion and entertainment industries. Preeta embodies versatility and creativity - It's as if she traverses through different avatars and professions, journeying seamlessly across the ever-changing landscape of startups. 

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Jan 14, 24


We first came across Tarini Sethi, online. On instagram actually. Her distinct works of line drawn bodies were intriguing. Eyes pop out somewhere. Limbs dance around. Hands hold each other.  What draws you in, are these lines. Making you wonder about the body. Making the body seem full of wonder.  

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