Collection: HOMECOMING

Seven years ago we took our first trip together to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Little would we have known that over the next decade (almost) this city would become our second home.
That we’d see it through all its seasons, as it has seen us.

We started Jodi with the desire to see handicrafts in India differently. Jaipur became an incredible playground for our explorations. From contemporising hand block printing to working with and towards a sustainable supply/production chain - Jaipur has been at the heart of all we do. 

Our new collection Homecoming is the first time we’ve been able to shoot and bring JODI back to where it’s created. And it’s reinvigorated us with fresh energy for the work we do. 

Growing up, a lot of what we saw around us, whether at home or the clothes we wore, was made by hand. With time to see that aesthetic shift from craft to convenience has really driven us to invest further in the value of craft. Invest in the value of time. And to find a home in this city that for years has been an epicentre for so much hand made love has been really grounding. 

Modernising these traditional practises and finding new homes around the world for what we make has given us the opportunity to build sustainable businesses for our craftspeople. Where they were pushing their kids into office spaces, they are now encouraging them to learn these skills they’ve inherited from their ancestors. 

Homecoming brings with it a fresh set of handmade JODI prints. Breathy and vibrant block prints mixed with flowy screen prints work their way into this collection of our signature summer looks. Hints of hand embroidery in each piece add luxury to these everyday pieces.