Collection: Tales of Tagore

Under the heady fragrance emanating from the Mahua tree, sat Bijoy, mulling (and struggling) over the concepts of life and death. Unable to sleep, he had wandered out at the crack of dawn, deeply immersed in the texts of Rabindranath Tagore.

He felt so moved by Tagore’s works. Tagore believed that man’s supreme faith lay in his efforts to enhance his own creativity, which is ‘the surplus’ in man. As Tagore’s words filled the air around him, Bijoy read about his various offerings to love. His words resonated with transcendence, spiritual longing and primal love. Poetry that is radical - of mediaeval words and modern thought. Poetry that encompasses sorrows and desires. Poetry that reflects the various seasons of life.

Tales of Tagore is inspired by this simple and articulate understanding of complex ideas. Hand block printed and hand dyed silks in tailored kurtas and jackets reflect his words. They throw light on the beauty and craft that is native to our lands.