They say that no flowers grow by the sea. But if you look closely you'll see the blooms everywhere. Under water. Just off the coast. Where the trees shade over the sand. To see beauty, sometimes, you need to change your perspective. Other times what you find beautiful evolves and grows organically. 

With each collection we find ourselves a little changed. We find ourselves open to explore. Finding ourselves closer to nature. Closer to where we come from. Closer to the simple things. 

Simple like a childhood memory. Simple like the fondness you feel for the place of your adolescent summers. Where you spent the hours around dusk wading through sunset waters. The salty smell of the sea drifting through the verandahs where you played your first board games. Sweet daffodils spilling around your garden. Chasing 'helicopters' (dragonflies) around the backyard. 

Come find joy in the simple things with our new collection.