Collection: KOKUM

Tangy, refreshing, and sweet. Just like a glass of sharbet gulped down on a sunny afternoon.

While the end of the year is usually dedicated to more opulent, festive collections, we wanted to offer something that serves as a palette cleanser. A moment of quiet among all the play.

Lightweight, unfussy clothes that would feel like slipping into something you’ve owned for years and no fabric has the ability to feel as lived in and comfortable as cotton. It’s the first textile we explored when we started Jodi and it’s a non-negotiable in our own wardrobes. 

This time around we’ve infused everything with the colours and motifs of the landscape around our home state, Maharashtra. Shades of earthy, iron oxide red and sky blue, geometric and floral patterns reminiscent of tribal Worli or Gond art, and tropical flowers in lush, rain-drenched colours. Along with our signature pigmented block prints, we’ve explored clamp dyeing from Kutch and included touches of embroidery and bead detailing to make each piece a little more special.

There are dresses, tunics, wraps and overlays, clothes you can linger in all day long. So even if you can’t come visit our studio, we hope these clothes offer a taste of home.

There’s a glass of sharbet waiting for you.