23 August, 2022

Before I meet Sid, I kind of feel like I know him. 
I’ve heard his songs on repeat. And I feel a kinship with him. Because his music speaks so honestly and intimately. And he brings with him a unique perspective and sound. 
Independent music in India is shining bright right now, and this young artist is taking the stage. We caught up with Sid one morning over some Chole bhature, danced to some Drake and made fun images. 
Jodi is a fan ❤️

Three things we should know about you.
I am obnoxiously stubborn when it comes to my ambition. I am a quiet yet keen observer.
Every new experience is a template for my art.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I pretend to be an over excited 16 year old kid farting rainbows just to ward off my morning anxiety.

What first got you into music? 
My childhood - how unconsciously I was surrounded by so much music and culture which is slowly unravelling now.

Siddhant is wearing the Johri handloom co-ord set.

JODI’s on the loop song of yours right now is Kalla Killah. What’s the story behind this song?
The Title - The Story is nothing but how I have taught myself to stand tall glaring straight into the eyes of adversity. It's my journey to the streets of loneliness, trauma and how I endeavour to turn them into my strength everyday. 

How does is it feel being a queer artist in India where the LGBTQ+ community still isn’t acknowledged widely or openly?
I am eagerly waiting for a time when we get rid of the shackles of these labels - a time where an artist is an artist and is not burdened with the baggage of their orientation, caste, colour, race. But to answer your question, for us to reach this almost utopian vision, representation is the key. I feel if I can contribute in any way to change the narrative around queer artists, I would feel half my battle is won. I want 10 year old Siddhant's to have icons to look up to which I never had.

Can you speak about how your work reflects on how you deal with the topic of representation in society/art/music?
I don't look at my art with a lens of queer representation. Though my music stems from my struggles and my experiences which are in a way queer centric, I'd like to believe that my art transcendes. The endeavour has been to deploy my music not just as a tool of catharsis but also a voice crying for change - mental, emotional and societal. 

One piece of advice for all the musicians trying to be ‘heard’ through their music.
I am nobody to give anybody any advice as we believe we are all on our unique journey.

Siddhant is wearing Gurhal skirt, Bari blouse & Durrel bomber jacket.

If you had to choose one song from all your releases - which song was the most fun to work?
My answer would always be my next song. I am a sucker for new experiences and new adventures. Every time I make new music it's the best feeling. 

One song that makes you emotional every time you hear it or perform it. It could be your own or someone else’s.
For me it's not always about one song in isolation. I am more attracted to the artist behind the art. The artists that I keep going back to, to name a few, are - Alam Lohar, Surinder Kaur, Laal Chand Yamla Jatt, Naseebo Lal, Reshma, Ataullah Khan and Tahira Syed.

Someone you wish to collaborate with in the future?
I am reminded of a beautiful sher by Majrooh Sultanpuri

 मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर

लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया. 

What are your hopes for independent artists in today’s music landscape?I am very hopeful and people in this space are doing well. It's only a matter of time that mainstream industry will start taking us seriously.

One thing you would change about the music industry if you could?
More and more representation from diverse voices.

Siddhant is wearing Padmini evening dress.

Would you like to share one crazy experience that is etched in your memory from your artist journey? 
When I look back these past 6 months are nothing short of crazy and mental, music came to me at the time when I was at my lowest, it came to me when I least expected it and the fact that I've taken it up as a profession and the fact that people are taking me seriously, all of it seems too good to be true. I am humbled and grateful.

Do you have any particular hopes for yourself as an artist? 
I just want to be able to make my kind of music without any constraints. That is the only thing I would want for myself. 

You have a very distinct visual style and treatment in all the work that you do. How do you visualise the music that you create?
I like to create an immersive experience for someone consuming my music. It's like wine tasting. You see it, you smell it, you taste it .

Who are your fashion icons? One accessory/piece from your closet that you can’t do without.
Yohji Yamamoto is someone who has been my fashion icon for years. One accessory I can’t do without is definitely a fanny pack. 

Which Jodi pieces did you enjoy wearing the most? 
I've been following Jodi for a while, their art seems to be quite culturally rich and rooted. I like labels with a story and Jodi is definitely one with an interesting and appealing narrative. I loved wearing the Susegad co-ord set.

Siddhant is wearing the Susegad co-ord set.

What can we expect coming up from you?
More music and more stories.

Where can people keep up to date with what you’re doing?
Spotify -

Muse- Siddhant 

Photographer- Aditi Gupta

HMU- Banny Choudhary