20 December, 2022

With Nimisha Sharma

Building homes is an intimate process. Creating spaces that honour an individual or their family in the way they choose to live and spend their days - is a responsibility one can’t take lightly. Nimisha Sharma, founder of Joint Studio, an interior design studio based out of Delhi just does that. The studio was conceived in April 2016, as a Spatial Design practice that specialises in Interior and Lifestyle Product Design. We speak to her about her process and inspiration as she shows us around her latest baby - the Superkicks Store in New Delhi.

Nimisha wears the Chaand Dress

JODI : What do you love most about your work?
Nimisha: I love the fact that I can change environments that in turn can change a person's mindset, attitude and life. I love the fact that I can think of ideas and then see them come to life.

JODI : Out of all your projects, which space would you personally choose as your favourite?
Nimisha: My favourite so far has to be House Kuzo, it's filled with mini innovations and fun products, it's any designer's dream project.

JODI: Do you face any difficulties in designing a space? How do you navigate unhappy clients?
Nimisha: Difficulties mostly arise with controlling the quality of execution and to see if your designs are being executed exactly how you envisioned them. 
With unhappy clients, It always helps to be honest with them, it's not the easiest of conversations. It’s very important to understand the best course of action to be taken which benefits both clients and designers. 

JODI: Design is often surrounded with talk of sustainability. How do you add to the conversation?
Nimisha: We try to educate clients in sustainable practices, and see if we can use materials that are easy on carbon footprint, such as bamboo, LED lights, and trying to repurpose furniture.

JODI: Where does most of your work draw inspiration from?
Nimisha: Mostly I draw inspiration from the needs of the clients and what a space can become to satisfy these set needs. That being said, I have always been influenced by a blend of organic shapes and minimalistic design language, and unknowingly that does come through in my designs.  

Nimisha wears the Bagh Midi Dress 

JODI: Since we are in one of the spaces you designed, which corner of the Superkicks store is your favourite?
Nimisha: It has to be the oversized shoelaces, it brings such a fun element into the store with functionality. Much like my design philosophy- have fun with design and functionality.

JODI: How do you combine beauty and function in your designs?
Nimisha: It's a blend of inherent sense of design understanding that is driven from experimentation and play of forms, but most of my designs are driven from functionality. The aesthetics part comes after I have identified the reason for the form/space/product or furniture. 

What are you working on at the moment?
Nimisha: We are working on a one of a kind dog store and a dental clinic at the moment.

JODI: How do you usually spend your day-offs?
Nimisha: Mostly I try to catch up on some reading, I write a bit to clear my mind, could be poetry or just observations, I paint quite frequently either physically or digitally and it's mostly accompanied by meeting with my friends at the end of the day.

JODI: Which was your favourite Jodi look that you wore?
Nimisha: Although I love all Jodi looks, this brand is extremely close to my heart. I absolutely loved the Chaand Dress, it fit so well and looked stunning. 

Nimisha wears the Bari Midi Dress 

Muse: Nimisha Sharma

Photographer: Ashutosh Pundhir

Location: Superkicks store, Delhi