Arushi Parakh : Wearer Of Many Hats

31 March, 2020

Closing in at 30 Arushi Parakh is the most excited she's ever been, about what life has in hold for her. We live in a world today where we have more choice in the way we want to  professionally lead our life. A lot of us choose to do multiple jobs to fulfill our creative needs. Owner of jewellery label - MELT and a fashion stylist who’s work we love, Arushi, speaks to us about wearing many hats and enjoying her multi-hyphenate life.

Growing up what were your sources of inspiration? Were there any magazines, shows, movies, books that you read that you feel like helped you find your creative voice? 
Arushi : Movies for sure. My mom would sometimes make us skip school to take us to shows of world cinema and theatre. Also, photography. I would spend hours looking at photographs. I didn't spend time looking at fashion magazines or anything, but I've always been interested in style - putting together outfits and trying to say something about who I am in the process.

Arushi wears the Naidu Dress

What was your childhood like?
My childhood had a lot of painting and dancing. We were constantly creating - a lot of paper collages, pottery, painting, flowers made out of bread, earrings made of sequin, building block mechanics. 

Arushi wears the Raat Rani Pantsuit

Something you feel like you struggle with? And have you been able to take steps to help yourself with the struggles?
Being patient. Businesses take time to evolve and grow and you just have to keep at it.

What have you learned from starting your own business? 
That the harder I work, the luckier I get

Your favourite movie everrrr? 

Arushi wears the Meryl Shirt Dress

A song you listen to often

Good People by Jack Johnson, Elusive Delusive by Asagaya

Can you speak to us a little bit about the JODI looks that you wore? Which was your favourite piece? 
I didn't think I could wear so much print but I really enjoyed the pant suit. It encouraged me to try and experiment with more print on print. Also, I'm possibly biased because I love a good pair of trousers. Especially if they double up as party pants. 

Pictures by Aditi Gupta