14 March, 2023

The first time you meet Tanvi, she chats about a million different ideas. The pace of conversations is easy yet moves forward with gusto. She’s always trying something new - starting book clubs and setting up start-up meetups, while also pushing herself into cultural experiences and travels.
With Tanvi, what you feel immediately is a sense of community. That’s what she loves doing. Creating spaces of conversations and ideas for people to find a sense of belonging and discovery in.
As a lawyer at Lightbox Venture Capital, she plays a key role in structuring the fund’s investments in consumer tech start-ups in India. But you’ll find her as keenly invested in handicrafts and skincare. 
Tanvi has spent her twenties really seeking out herself. Unafraid to put herself first, she’s maneuvered her life with a real intention to explore who she is, what her desires are and where she wants to see herself in the future. 

Growing up, my granddad who was a practicing advocate always settled disputes between my brother and I in his courtroom (i.e., our living room) and I saw my dad leading a busy corporate life, picking up his briefcase at 9am sharp everyday dressed in a crisp white shirt.

My early conditioning at home coupled with my argumentative rigour, motivated me to pursue a career in law. As someone who is always looking for solutions, law seemed like a good fit in terms of the work I would do.

My first job at AZB & Partners, exposed me to the world of corporate law and gave me a solid insight about the business world. Intrigued by the fast-paced nature of the start-up ecosystem and the hunger and drive that was apparent amongst this set of entrepreneurs, I decided to pursue a longer-term career in this space and ended up at Lightbox VC.

Tanvi Ghate wears our Dione Handloom Dress

Books everyone must read?

This is a really tough one. But if I had to choose:

  1. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy
  2. Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro
  3. The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger.

What are you currently reading?

Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. It’s a short history of everybody in the last 13,000 years and answers a very crucial question – why has human history unfolded so differently across the globe? 

Tanvi wears our Ersa Co-ord Set.

Most loved quote?

‘And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane, by those, who couldn’t hear the music’ - Friedrich Nietzsche

Your favourite travel memory/experience?

I was in Varanasi for my birthday in 2021. This was right after the 2nd wave of Covid, so the curfews were still in place. I was attending the Ganga Aarti on Deshashwamedh Ghat when Janaki Didi, a local hawker, walked up to me and said ‘Didi mere saath aage chaliye’ (come walk with me). I followed obediently. There was a large crowd of people, she led me through it and asked me to take a seat front and centre, which ensured I had the best view of the aarti. Later Janaki Didi requested the Panditji to allow me to perform the abhishek and complete the pooja. I simply did everything that was asked of me, with some inhibitions that Janaki Didi was probably doing this for money. When the Panditji came around with the pooja thali, she told me to offer whatever I could as bakshis. I had nothing, so I was frantically looking for some loose change. Perceptive Janaki Didi took out Rs.10 from her purse and held my hand to offer it as bakshis on my behalf. Janaki Didi did not expect any favours from me, but she did me a favour that day.

Guilt-ridden I went looking for her the next day to give her some food and money. She was nowhere to be found. I will never forget her; she reinforced my belief in the goodness of people.

Tanvi wears our Titan Day Dress.

Describe your perfect day off when you are not working?

My perfect day off cannot start before 11am. I love the luxury of sleeping without an alarm on off days. I would split my day between spending time with my parents, reading, indulging in some skin and haircare rituals and grabbing a few drinks with my friends. My one non-negotiable is my Sunday Ritual Bath, with hair oil champi and face masks, it’s hectic in terms of the steps, but deeply satisfying. I feel like a new person after stepping out of that shower.

 Name three things on your bucket list?

  1. Spending time in Japan
  2. Buying a Range Rover
  3. Channelling the inner Claire Underwood (Robin Wright’s character in the House of Cards) energy, of just getting up and going for a run whenever shit hits the roof.

 Your top pick from JODI for this summer season and why?

The Dione Handloom Dress would be my top pick this summer. It fits like a dream and is super comfortable to spend your whole day in. I love whites and this dress is a very warm white which sets the stage for JODI’s beautiful prints. I also like that it’s loose and flowy but cinched at the right places to make you feel sexy!

One thing you love about JODI?

Authenticity. I love the fact that JODI is upclose and personal with their audience. Be it through their JODI House Parties or social media. The stories and content that they share feels real and original – like you know the person making your garments. This authenticity translates in the design and aesthetic of JODI. You can look at a JODI piece and say, ‘hey, they probably had a great day when this piece was designed, look at the blooming flowers and colours in that print!’


Tanvi wears our Europa Day Dress.

 What is your go-to outfit when you want to feel chic?

White on White. Either a shirt and pants or kurta and salwar, but always, white on white. Tan Kolhapuri’s (my staple), diamond studs, my favourite perfume and a bombshell blow dry to conquer the world!

 An Indian craft you wish would make a comeback?

Kalamkari – an ancient style of hand painting done on cotton or silk fabric with a tamarind pen, using natural dyes. This art involves 23 tedious steps of dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block printing, starching, cleaning and more. Kalamkari, in its original form, is a visual story book of traditions and tales from Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

 Do you remember your first fashion moment? When you first realised you enjoyed clothes and crafts?

Oh yes! My first internship. All through school and college, I couldn’t have cared less about appearances and dressing up. I was a tomboy! Cut to the day I got my first internship at this big corporate law firm (think Suits). I had nothing that was appropriate enough to wear at such a place. It was a month-long internship and I remember going shopping to have a new outfit for each day. I spent 10 times more than my meagre stipend from the internship, but that was the moment I realised how much I enjoyed planning my outfits and getting ready. I realised I had a spring in my step as I walked around in beautiful clothes. That is how it all began ...

 What has been a teaching you’d like to carry with you through life.

That you can overcome any hurdle if you put your mind to it. We often discount our own ability to find our path in difficult situations. I have learnt it’s all about the voice in your head and how you harness it. Our minds are as powerful as modern medicine. I would love to continue living life fully with a strong belief that I’ll be able to overcome every hurdle in my journey.

 How do you feel about your thirties vs your twenties?

I love my thirties way more than my twenties. It has to do with self-awareness, knowing who you are and what you want out of your life. Not that I know it all today – but I know myself a lot better than I did in my twenties. Also, it is empowering to be entirely independent in thought and resources – it gives you the confidence to make bold choices. I wouldn’t want to go back to who I was even yesterday, let alone my twenties.

 This year for you is about: ......

Internalising. It’s the year of quiet. I have always been someone who speaks her mind and is very transparent. This year I want to avoid being reactive. Everything you feel doesn’t need to be said. Every opinion doesn’t need to be shared. It’s going to be extremely hard, but I’m going to try! Because sometimes being at peace is more important than being right.

Muse-Tanvi Ghate

Photographer- Lokesh Bhoyar