Collection: JODI JEWELS

Jodi jewels is inspired by our work and travels whilst exploring the various crafts of India. At the heart of Jodi is a real desire to showcase India as it is - simple, of the earth, yet incredibly crafted.

Home to so many cultures, languages, stories - we’ve been inspired by the everyday women. The ones who sell vegetables, the ones who build homes, those that till the land, those whose hands build the various crafts. We’ve also been inspired by our mothers, grandmothers, aunts - and the idea that jewellery you hold close to your heart passes hands and years. Those are the kind of pieces we’ve aspired to create. Pieces that have a warm glow about them. Pieces that are derived from our block prints. Pieces you want to put on and feel beautiful in. Pieces that you wear simply. Not pieces that wear you.

Make this piece yours. And let it live life with you. So that one day, it can tell some part of your story to someone you love.