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Stories From The Stage And Screen with Joyeeta Dutta

From lighting up both the stage and the screen, Joyeeta's a truly multifaceted gem. Her screen debut in "A Suitable Boy", directed by the legendary Mira Nair, no less, launched her career, and the magic continued with a sensational role in the stage adaptation of Mira's BAFTA-winning "Monsoon Wedding" – talk about full circle moments! 

Always honing her craft, Joyeeta recently trained at the renowned ATELIER Mask & Movement Theatre in Italy, adding to her impressive background. She has also briefly trained with actor Adil Hussain. But Joyeeta's journey wasn't always on the stage. Born in Assam, she moved to Delhi and graduated with a degree in Political Science.

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Our stores


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Lentin Chambers, Dalal Street,
Bombay Stock Exchange, 
Mumbai 400001
‎+91 -81696 63898

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Row house no. 2
Nitron Classic, 
ST. Patricks Town,
Pune - 411013
+91 -8411832121

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Founded in 2014, JODI is an India-based fashion label designing ready-to-wear for women and men, with a range of accessories that feature bold colours and graphic prints.

JODI injects a sense of humour into everything it does. We proudly create our own distinct #jodiprints. The brands ethos is to to give a new lease of life to the fading handicraft culture of India.

JODI the name is derived from the word ‘pairs’. Both founders are part of a set of twins. JODI also signifies the pairing of print and colour.

In addition to our online store, we also have a non-virtual, real life shop in Mumbai and Pune, India. If you’re nearby, come and see us, say hi, and check out our latest offerings.

JODI. Keeping it colourful since 2014.

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Hand - prints your pieces