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Mar 14, 23


The first time you meet Tanvi, she chats about a million different ideas. The pace of conversations is easy yet moves forward with gusto. She’s always trying something new - starting book clubs and setting up start-up meetups, while also pushing herself into cultural experiences and travels. With Tanvi, what you feel immediately is a sense of community. That’s what she loves doing. Creating spaces of conversations and ideas for people to find a sense of belonging and discovery in. As a lawyer at Lightbox Venture Capital, she plays a key role in structuring the fund’s investments in consumer tech start-ups in India. But you’ll find her as keenly invested in handicrafts and skincare.  Tanvi has spent her twenties really seeking out herself. Unafraid to put herself first, she’s maneuvered her life with a real intention to explore who she is, what her desires are and where she wants to see herself in the future. 

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Dec 20, 22


Building homes is an intimate process. Creating spaces that honour an individual or their family in the way they choose to live and spend their days - is a responsibility one can’t take lightly. Nimisha Sharma, founder of Joint Studio, an interior design studio based out of Delhi just does that. The studio was conceived in April 2016, as a Spatial Design practice that specialises in Interior and Lifestyle Product Design. We speak to her about her process and inspiration as she shows us around her latest baby - the Superkicks Store in New Delhi.

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Dec 02, 22


While the world is busy catching up with 22 year old Vedant Lamba, the young entrepreneur is far ahead, setting up his sneaker empire - The Mainstreet Marketplace. India is quickly opening up to the athleisure market, with consumers dropping big money on designer footwear. With two stores (and counting) across the country, Vedant has built one of the country’s largest sneaker reselling platforms. Having started off on Youtube with a channel that discussed sneakers, Vedant was early in Identifying the gap in awareness in this space in India. We speak to Vedant about his journey in building a young business.  

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Nov 08, 22

Sunshine Girl

A young entrepreneur, in the highly competitive food industry- Ilvika Chandawarkar is bringing in innovation and new concepts to her family business- the renowned  group of Malaka Spice restaurants in Pune. She talks to us about her culinary journey and all things food. 

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