Collection: Palace Of Illusions

At Jodi we're fortunate enough to live in a world of women. They bustle into the studio every morning with a clatter, sit together and cackle as they embroider, or loudly sigh with pleasure when they slip into a great Jodi fit.

While working on this collection, we had in mind an entire world order governed by women. A history defined by queens and princesses who built palaces, made laws, drew boundaries, or simply wrote their own stories. What would you wear if the rules were different?

For us that meant digging deep to see what really felt like the most honest expression of who we are. It meant not being afraid of choosing our prints or colours from the heart. That’s why in this summer edition of Jodi Silk you’ll see some truly rich jewel tones, more intricate hand embroidery than ever before, and plenty of lush nature-inspired motifs and graphic patterns – details that don’t shy away and ensure you feel as confident as you look.

The silhouettes are comfortable, yet hug the body in just the right way – slim cut kurtas, tapered trousers, long skirts, saris, and tailoring. We’ve worked with hand woven Ikat and textiles like mulberry and muga silk, rich tussar and glossy gajji.

Because in our vision of the world, there would be no need to blend in or hide who you are. Like a butterfly’s wings, your clothes would celebrate what makes you unique. All your joys, your passions, and the many infinite colours of what it means to be a woman.