Collection: BALCÃO

Can you live simply and still enjoy fashion? We're constantly thinking about this question. What does it mean to reduce your impact on the world and still delight in a new dress or a fabulous pair of trousers. For us, the answer has always been to treasure the little things. The flash of a bright flower. Savouring an evening with friends or family. A bite of cake. As they say in Goa, a ‘susegad’ way of life.

This time around we decided to try and simplify how we create as well. The emphasis is on easy, languid silhouettes that are meant to feel good worn at home or on the go. We’ve worked with deliciously soft mul, a fine woven cotton that feels like second skin, and chosen a set of vibrant colours in non-toxic and azo-free dyes.

Because when you’re sitting on the balcão, watching the rain, you want to enjoy that moment. And we hope that we’re there with you.