Collection: PAHARI

A tale of mountains

In the heart of The Himalayas, where the earth meets the sky, lies the Dhauladhar. So grand, they seem to be playing to their own symphonies of scale. They breathe life into our dreams, igniting a sense of wonder, reminding us of our own insignificance amidst the vastness of the natural world. 

 In the embrace of nature's tapestry, we have woven together fabrics (Indian handlooms and cottons) that age beautifully with time (like the mountains) and come in shades of the landscape, reminiscent of the morning mist and the earthy tones, mirroring the rugged terrain and awakening the wanderlust within you.

Inspired by the simplicity of the pahari community, this collection is an invitation to carry within ourselves, a piece of this earth that they call home. 

 In the shade of the incredible Dhauladhar ranges, blooms our latest collection, ‘Pahari’