It's year 2020. Sounds like the future. Feels (in some ways) like the past. Yet what it really is, is a strong, opinionated, ever-changing present. What gives us at JODI hope, is that today more than ever before, women are the loudest voice. Speaking up about the most important things. Demanding a better world. Willing to back difficult movements. Holding people accountable for their actions. Unwilling to compromise on their belief that there exists good in everyone.

In these times of change, we celebrate these women. Our super-heroines. Women are unafraid to speak up. Whether its for human rights, climate change or freedom of expression. For years the narrative has been written for women. But now we see women bravely take charge of their own stories. Leading rather than be led.

A seat at the table is a statement. A setting up of our own narrative. That we take up space. And we will continue to grow and take up more space until the world looks more like us.

Here’s a collection of versatile pieces, that can help you find your voice. Pieces that will help you feel comfortable sitting on any table. Made in our signature hand-blocked JODI prints, choose your pick from an eclectic mix of very wearable pieces.