Keeping up with Keerti

03 March, 2021

We spent a sun-kissed spring morning with the ever effervescent Keerti Kataria. A true 90’s baby, she channels her inner Bollywood heroine, while traversing around old Delhi in all-new JODI silk.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a hugely distracted person who is slowly turning into a dog stalker. Other than that, I work as a PR consultant for consumer/ lifestyle brands and really enjoy dancing and reading fiction in my free time.

Keerti is wearing Kamal kurta set and Sadabahar dupatta.

''Is anyone reminded of the 90’s paan flavoured toffee with these colors? Also, it’s so refreshing to pair a nice pair of tailored cigarette pants with a tunic. It brings a sense of occasion to the look.''

Take us through your journey as a PR consultant?
I started working as a communications manager almost 10 years ago and I’ve mostly enjoyed every bit of it. It is hugely addictive to build the voice and personality for brands that fascinate me. When I started out, I used to work extremely hard and put in as much extra reading and research I could for better results. That hasn’t changed. I still work very hard and put everything I’ve got into my work.

Who are your style inspirations?
There are so many for every dressing mood I’m in, but Caroline de Maigret and Karishma Kapoor of the 90’s remain standard.

How would you describe your personal style?
Cool-comfortable, with mad funk

Keerti is wearing Junaina silk one shoulder ruffle dress.

''I haven’t been to Greece yet but I’m taking this with me when I do. I love how the leg slit is so cute and flirty with the frill.''

We love the way you move, how did you get into dance? Tell us a little bit about that?
I started dancing at 4. My mum got me enrolled in Bharatnatyam classes. Like every other 90’s kid, I’d spend endless hours dancing to the radio as well. When I grew older I realised that there were dance forms that allowed you to dance to any music you like! (Unlike Bharatnatyam, which was fairly rigid in terms of performing to classical music) I think that was from where my attraction to lyrical jazz and contemporary dancing began. I could finally express what I was feeling through movement. I started training in jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance forms since 2007 and there has been no looking back. I’m still a very bad dancer at social gatherings though. 

Name a song that instantly makes you want to move.

Hypnotize- The Notorious B.I.G.

What according to you is the next big thing in fashion for India?
Handmade and handcrafted fashion for every day as opposed to only for weddings & special occasions.

Keerti is wearing Shalimar silk dress.

''Bringing the 70’s back with this cool and calming maxi. The cut-out in the center is a very interesting detail and so are the sleeves.''

What would your fancy dress party theme be?

Sexy Seventies think Gloria Steinem & David Bowie, going out and dancing to Syd Barrett, Cher, and Iggy Pop!

Any life hacks to maintain a good work-life balance?

Plan ‘fun’ days or ‘fun activities’ in your schedule. Be as committed to them as you are to work things. Insist on ‘me-time’ that feeds your heart as much as mealtimes.

We love a good holiday and we see that you do too. What are your top travel spots? (Give us some inside recommendations)
Paris. Always Paris. Somehow the city has managed to uphold popular Eiffel Tower/ romance references. But if you venture to their working or lesser-known neighbourhoods, there is a hidden gem at every corner. If one looks beyond the Louvre or the Opera or the Champs-Élysées, they will see a city culturally and intellectually so stimulating it burns with emotional force - hidden gigs, unorthodox art, unexplored ideas, and so much adventure. Other than that, I love Jodhpur, London, and Lisbon.

Which place are you craving to visit post-Covid?
The villages of the Chianti wine district in Strada or Lombardy. The best part about this area is that it is quintessentially Italian, without the brouhaha of what one thinks when you say ‘Italy’. The charming piazzas, small menu meals at local joints and bedtime by 10 pm (because everything shuts by then), and the wine. All that beautiful wine

Keerti is wearing Genda silk maxi dress.

''For everyone wondering how you can look super sensual in a fully covered look. Look no further. This dress is it!''

Safdarjung Tomb

I don’t understand why I haven’t been here before. It’s such a beautiful monument and garden. The ceilings of the main tomb are so intricately created.

Humayun’s Tomb

We spent long hours in the heat trying to recreate the exteriors of this monument in my art classes in college. When I visited this time I truly saw its beauty though. The grandiosity of its terraces and the lush char-bagh setting. It is perfect to experience a sunrise.

Photographer : Aditi Gupta