A peak into the art and world of Tarini Sethi
14 January, 2024

We first came across Tarini Sethi, online. On instagram actually. Her distinct works of line drawn bodies were intriguing. Eyes pop out somewhere. Limbs dance around. Hands hold each other. 

What draws you in, are these lines. Making you wonder about the body. Making the body seem full of wonder.  

It is her art that we spent our day discussing with her. As we walked around the narrow lanes of Khotachiwadi, we spoke about the ideas of art, craft and creativity. 

Tarini's Utopic, Surreal, and Sexual Art.

Tarini has been on a mission since her teens. Exploring the intricate tapestry of sexuality, bodily autonomy, and world-building in her art. With metal, ink, and acrylic as her magic tools, Tarini crafts fantastical works that stretch the boundaries of mainstream imagination. 

In her art you see her tap into folklore and mythology. Her work revolves around utopias and world-building. It is very much in response to the fraught world we live in right now. She is constantly trying to find a path forward, trying to understand what harmony can look like. Her creative concoctions blend Surrealism and Futurism, giving life to a style that's as unique as her personality.  

Tarini wears our Kokomo dress and Mahua hand quilted jacket.

Tarini draws inspiration from a diverse array of admired artists, envisioning future collaborations with the likes of Rajni Pereira, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Pallavi Singh, and Asif Hoque. One of her standout projects is a remarkable 73-foot installation for Meta's office in Hyderabad, seamlessly blending sculpture and painting to narrate a captivating story. 

Hypothetically, given the chance to paint a mural, she'd choose an influential government building, depicting harmonious coexistence of nude bodies and nature as a constant reminder of societal goals. 

Tarini in our Kokum handloom dress and Bibi dress.

Her art-making process is refreshingly old-school, but thanks to social media, she's breaking boundaries globally. Social media has become her virtual art gallery, bringing her creations to the screens of art enthusiasts around the globe. 

Not just an artist, she is also the Founder and Curator of The Irregulars Art Fair. Her brainchild, the fair aims to provide a platform for artists outside traditional gallery structures. It's not just an art exhibition; it's a revolution. A space where artists could sidestep traditional galleries, applying directly to showcase their talent. It's all about conversations, collaborations, and connections - a wild ride that Tarini is immensely proud to have initiated.

Tarini in Mahua shift dress and Mahua hand quilted jacket.

While she dreams of displaying her art globally, India holds a special place in her heart as it is her home. 

Tarini's creative process involves rituals like cleaning her space, delving into favourite books, and finding a new podcast before diving into her work.  Describing her personal style as "constantly evolving and experimenting," Tarini encapsulates the essence of her journey - a perpetual exploration and discovery within the sphere of creativity. Her favourite pieces from JODI are from the collection “The Last Queen”.
All body, sex and a little surreal - just like her art.

Tarini Sethi is not just an artist; she's a storyteller, a dream-weaver, and a curator of creativity that transcends the canvas.

Muses: Tarini Sethi
Photographer: Nupur Agrawal