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At The Table With Chef Mohib

A simply delicious afternoon!
04 October, 2023

We found ourselves hanging out with Chef Mohib, an extraordinary classical chef, surrounded by his mouth watering food, one lazy afternoon at Prasad’s house in Pune. Prasad Thergaonkar and Chef Mohib are close friends, bound by their love for all things culinary. Chef Mohib regularly collaborates with Prasad and his partner Rishi Bhog’s The Hedonist, a gourmet and fine dining experience provider in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. 

Chef Mohib’s culinary journey has been incredible: he clinched the prestigious DUX award at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. Mohib went on to share his culinary wisdom at Le Cordon Bleu in Gurgaon, and IHM Aurangabad. The Chef now has his own culinary playground called Accentuate Food Lab, in Aurangabad, where he crafts unforgettable dining experiences for the discerning palate.

Mohib wears our Selene shirt.

Speaking to Jodi, the suave Chef shared his thoughts about food and the culinary arts. We got chatting with Mohib as he gamely posed for us in our new Jodi Man collection, taking fashion up a whole notch into the stratosphere with his melting good looks and unconscious charm. 

Mohib strongly believes the chief ingredient in a dish should shine, and his approach has been to minimise fussy, complex palates into the simple. Inspired by art, music and new culinary techniques, Mohib is constantly innovating in the kitchen. 

Mohib finds colocasia, or arbi, a most underrated food, worthy of more attention. He encourages his chefs to create new dishes with unfettered creativity in the kitchen. The most exotic ingredient Mohib has ever cooked is crocodile meat, a cross between fish and chicken. 

Colour and flamboyance make a great jodi with edible art

We absolutely fell in love with Chef Mohib’s works of art- what delicious, sublime, creations! Wondering how to eat the humble cauliflower with a parmesan panna cotta, or the sassy gianduja dessert with plum, succulent grills done on charcoal and wood fires. The Chef is inspired by his food memories; his unique flavour pairings are rooted in a desire to let the ingredients shine. Balance is everything- balance of salt, acid, fat and heat. Of course, the produce is locally sourced and organic, and the Chef prides himself on his grills. Do not miss an opportunity to dine with him!

Mohib loves Lebanese food, with its captivating fusion of  aromatic spices, olive oil, herbs, and vegetables. Creamy hummus, succulent kebabs, and delicate baklava reflect centuries of Lebanese culinary expertise and a rich cultural heritage. But ask him his favourite indulgence, and Mohib confesses to chocolate cake and ice cream. 

Mohib in the Cayenne handloom applique shirt.

Chef Mohib fervently believes sustainability and addressing food wastage in the kitchen are crucial for reducing environmental impact, conserving resources, saving money, promoting creativity, and fostering responsible consumption. By adopting mindful practices like portion control, food preservation and redistribution, individuals can make a significant positive impact in their communities, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Mohib grew up  inspired by his mother and sister’s culinary skills, and he counts Ghee Podi Dosa, Puran Poli with Aamti, and Tabak Maaz as his favourite regional dishes. 

Mohib wears our Selene shirt & Prasad wears the Barot shirt.

No guesses that his favourite cuisines are Middle Eastern, French and Italian, with shawarma being his earliest food memory. Parisian patisserie and boulangerie are Mohib’s favourite travel food memories. In India, Mohib loves Al Kausar in Delhi for Kakori kebabs, and beef chilli at Leopolds in Bombay. Mohib recommends any cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi, and those by Harold McGee for a more scientific approach to cooking. 

 As Mohib believes, a chef is only as good as his last dish. 


Muses: Mohib Farooqui, Prasad Thergaonkar
Photographer: Rohan Sanjay