03 February, 2018

In this photo essay we delve into the importance of female partnerships. Behind every successful 'person', there is a successful woman. The more we talk to these super-girls we get an insight in to what helps them be their best selves. And more often than not, it is the support of another woman.
We are them, we need them and we LOVE them.

Photographs by Erinn Springer.

Shweta Sharma, Stylist and Photographer @shwetabetty

I am very blessed to have female friends across ages and races and geographies. These friendships have led to some heartfelt conversations, new skills, discoveries of new cuisines and museums, temporary warm homes in new cities, art collaborations and a unique sense of belonging. I absolutely thrive on the magic of 'my local girl gang' all over the world. 💛🎀🌘

Kayaan is wearing the Karma Peasant Blouse and Shweta is wearing the Sea Foam Blouse

Kayaan Contractor, Fashion Blogger, Shapeshifter, @kayaancontractor

How important have female friendships been for you? 
Female friendships are a treasure. It's always been important for me as a person to surround myself with strong female influences, be it a great friendship, or learning from a strong female personality. Having girl friends isn't always about slumber parties or pillow fights, but I mean, who doesn't love a good old fashioned girls night (in)? :) 

How have these relationships or female friendships helped you?
Relations of any kind, female or otherwise are really important. I have been lucky enough, and consider it quite a blessing to meet really amazing people and build a great working or friendly relationship with so many people that i can safely call my closest friends today.

Butool is wearing the Siam Blue Punakha Dress and Aaliyah is wearing the Bhutan Red Karma Ruffle Top with the Bhutan Red Midi Skirt.

Butool Jamal, Fashion Features Editor, Harper's Bazaar India, @butoolbegum

How important have female friendships been for you?
The most important! Some of my closest friends, the women I feel most comfortable with and who I truly care about, are my girl friends. I’m surrounded by women most of the day so naturally that’s a space that I’m most at ease in.

How have these relations or female friendships helped you?
They give me self-confidence and prop me up when I doubt myself the most. I also learn so much from my female friends. Sometimes just by listening to them I learn little things about how to be a better person or even discover new ways to look at the world.

Aliyah Jamal, Community Manager, Conscious Food, @aaliyajam

How important have female friendships been for you? 
Female friendships have been some of the most important and influential for me all my life. My mom, my sister, my close friends - they've been a source of strength and support and have definitely helped shape who I am today.

How have these relations or female friendships helped you?
They're definitely the people who inspire me very deeply. No matter where I end up, a new job, a solo trip in the mountains, or at home, I always find myself surrounded by the strongest and most compassionate people who have pushed me to be a better person, to get out of my comfort zone, and to broaden my world view. They are more often than not women.

Kanishtha is wearing Rinzin Tie-up Dress

Kanishtha Dhankhar, Model, @kanishthadhankar

How important have female friendships been for you?
Female friendship are dynamic. My best friend is my sister though. I don't end up making friends with girls but I do end up finding stronger bonds with women. It's a natural connection just like any relationship. We fall in love with one another and become sisters. I have them around the world. True and strong

Kanika is wearing the Siam Blue Dago Kurta

Kanika Karvinkop, Stylist and Founder, No Borders Shop, @kanikakarvinkop

How important have female friendships been for you?
I always felt that it's about surrounding yourself with people who influence who you are and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Be it work wise or just as a member of society. And i feel its important to surround yourself with positive and optimistic people who encourage and challenge you to push harder and never make you feel that you are any lesser. I've had girlfriends who have been my best friends at one point to completely not talking to them at all. I feel that as time passes, you realise that the ones who truly matter and the ones that really care for you will stick by you no matter what the odds.

In the past few years I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing women both in the industry and outside of it. Women who have inspired and supported me. They might not necessarily be the best of friends but they just believe in your cause and support you and it's so imperative for women to also support each other. 

Go give your girls/women a hug today!