12 November, 2020

Medha is wearing Picasso blazer.

A rollercoaster of opportunities is how fashion stylist and image curator, Medha Bahuguna, describes her experience in the fashion industry. She takes each day as a new adventure that drives her to do better each time. This vision to create fresh stories and build a community of like-minded hustlers around her is what continues to excite her about the environment she works in. Medha plays dress up in new season JODI and showcases some fun looks for the festive season.

 Who is your style inspiration?

I feel like I absorb the tiniest details around me and they end up being showcased through my work. I refuse to blindly follow trends. My love for the classics reflects in my style sensibility. I still believe that my go-to blacks, whites, and denim can save the world! Open my wardrobe and you'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

Style icons? 

I believe that fashion, good taste, and creativity are everywhere when you try to seek it out. It is so fluid and versatile that it tends to vary from mood to time to age and everything in between. And this is probably why I do not have just one particular style icon.

 Medha is wearing Poppy drape dress.

“I’ve come to think that fashion is what you make of it and as long as you carry yourself well and feel good in what you wear, you look fabulous!”  

3 people you love to stalk on Instagram? 

The first has to be my boss Edward Lalrempuia. I think he’s extremely stylish and his menswear game is on point! 

I like stalking other people in the same sphere as me because I get to expose myself to their work, improve my understanding of what’s happening in the industry and refocus my creativity even when I’m mindlessly scrolling.

Favourite Netflix show to binge-watch

FRIENDS! Any day, any time. The light and breezy comedy has helped me power through making so many PowerPoint presentations, mood boards and pitches. On a relatively relaxed day, I like to binge crime dramas like How to Get Away With Murder or Killing Eve. Game of Thrones and Gone Girl are a few more of my favourites.

Look 1 - Picasso Blazer 

This blazer is one I could not resist. This outfit subtly shifts into the festive season with the printed, statement blazer being the prime focus. Wearing it with a cropped polo neck and a pair of boxy straight fit jeans balance out the bold print to fit my personal style and make sure I’m comfortable throughout the night. Given that the current festivities will be under the pandemic, this outfit is aptly minimal yet looks extremely classy. Add some gold jewels to bring the look together.

 Medha is wearing Picasso blazer.

Look 2- Poppy Draped dress

For the second look, I kept it quite feminine with this delicate floral printed dress and juxtaposed it with bold oxidised silver jewellery. Keeping the festivities in mind, the accessories added an edge to the look making it the perfect pick for any Diwali party.

 Medha is wearing Poppy drape dress.

Look 3: Bindi blouse and skirt

The third and final look is this really cool and trendy co-ord blouse with flouncy sleeves and a skirt with a little drape at the side. This outfit is festival ready with its bright colours and bold print. I paired this look with transparent tie-up heels that elongate my body and are the perfect finishing touch to this vibrant outfit. The minimal effort put into this outfit makes it an effortless festival pick.

Medha is wearing Bindi top & skirt set

Please share some tips on personal style and identifying your style

1. Know your body - The first step to having your own personal style is to know your body, understand what you’re comfortable in and be open to experimenting. Whether it’s trying out new silhouettes or playing with prints, it’s important to keep trying new aesthetics until you understand what works for you and resonates with your personal style.

2. Classics are a great place to begin -  Even today my wardrobe is filled with basic, neutral pieces I can re-wear and reuse with different outfits. These staples act like the perfect base to build new looks and keep adding variety to your wardrobe without hurting your pockets. This is especially important for me as I believe in a sustainable approach to fashion by repeating my outfits and reusing pieces in my wardrobe.

3. Comfort is key - My way of looking at fashion has ensured time and again that along with looking my best, I also feel my best which adds so much to my confidence. Knowing an aesthetic which you can mindlessly go to when you’re in a rush really helps. I tend to stick to smart casuals which allow me to move from work to dinner without worrying about much.