31 May, 2016
While sitting and thinking (and also snacking) our way through various ideas for our first feature, Karuna and I listed out our favourite things. They are namely:
Girls working in some really interesting fields
Girls who dont like to be told what to do
Girls who are just absolutely hilarious
You get the point. The common element - Girls.
So we got together a few girls we admire and chatted an entire afternoon away. Chilled beers, hysterical laughter and some on point questions about life, success, fashion for the unfashionable and how they all make it work. 


Kuhu is wearing our Flinstone Basic Shift

Kuhu Kochar, is the co-founder and creator of ALL THINGS. A whimsical line of chocolates (I say line, because they’re that fashionable) that instantly remind you of ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans’ from Harry Potter. Flavours conjuring up images of summer, water, Barcelona, childhood - you name it, they’re making it.

1. How did you come to chocolates?

I always wanted to work on a product that was dynamic and gave me a canvas to work with whatever skill set I felt the need to use. Something that could change and evolve. When i met my business partner Tejasvi, who is the chef - we both came up with chocolate. Chocolates aren’t limited to food & beverage. They’re more of a lifestyle. Majority of the people i know have some kind of a relationship with chocolates. Its one of those rare universal products that resonates with anyone from anywhere.

2. Are you doing what you always imagined you’d be doing?

Currently, yes. Its not anything I planned, but have loved discovering.

3. What is your definition of success?

To be able to enjoy what you do and sleep wanting to wake up to go to work everyday. Growing up i was obsessed with Charlie & And The Chocolate Factory. I feel like I'm living out my unrealistic dream in the most realistic way!


Kusha is wearing our Flinstone Side Slit Kurta

Kusha Kapila, is a writer/content curator/sometimes fashion forecaster (basically she’s on Redbull , nothing else can explain such work enthusiasm) with the much in demand luxury online portal Rock-n-Shop. She writes passionately about designers she loves and her instagram account (@hardlyevertranquil) is one to follow - what with all the intensely relatable musings on love & life.

1. Growing up how attainable was fashion as an idea to you?

I grew up in a remote part of Delhi where all the focus was on academics. I’ve had a very normal, middle class upbringing and my exposure to fashion was almost negligible. My first memory of the power of clothes has got be meeting my best friend, Nikita. She was a sudden little misfit in a space where misfits don’t exist. She dressed unlike anyone I knew and had interests unlike any of my own. I came to fashion, through friendship. And suddenly a whole new world of self expression opened up to me.

2. Do you feel like you now have your shit together?

I don't know if anyone every has their shit together. But in believing that I now have it more together than I ever did - I really feel like I do. It's the closest I am to the self I ever wanted to be at a particular time. I finally work in a space where I can harness the qualities I love most about myself. And that helps me have a belief in myself that permeates through all aspects of my life.

3. What is your greatest fashion vice?

As much as I try to evolve and change it up, in terms of how i dress - I always go back to working a slight fit & flare. Coming into understanding my body type, I love a play of shape on me. I guess its why I wore my JODI with flared denims:)


Anahita is wearing our Hornbill Jacquard Collar Tunic

Anahita Dhondy, the star chef of Soda Bottle OpenerWalla, is a busy busy bee. She took over the reins, as chef manager at just 23 and has quite visibly become the face of the very popular restaurant chain. Even though one could get pretty jaded having started and done so much so soon, Anahita's childlike excitement about what she does is palpable. It is the reason she's going to outshine the others. 

1. What was it like taking over a kitchen so early in your career?

Early! It was the start! I had some months before I had to join a place in Dubai after I completed my education at Le Cordon Bleu. I decided to go look for an internship at one of AD Singh's restaurants and that meeting landed me this gig! For some reason he saw something in me and gave me this offer. I was completely caught off guard and shit scared because I hadn't ever done this. But he threw me in the deep end and I just found a way to swim! 

2. Do you think a woman can have it all? What is your greatest struggle in terms of balancing parts of your life out?

I think it works differently depending on who you're asking. Everyone has different goals & priorities. Seeing how women have an added set of responsibilities (traditionally), the act of balancing becomes that much more important. I personally struggle with making time for everyone. After a 10-12 hour work day, I'm exhausted. But I will still take my one day off a week to meet my friends and family because that is my priority.

3. You very obviously love fashion. How do you throw in any elements of your personality while wearing your uniform? I love that you always wear flowers in your hair at work. Why do you do that and what do you think it represents?

When i first started work in the kitchen, I was the only woman amongst sooo many men. I wanted to make sure I didn't get lost in that. That my personality shone through all of it. So i decided to wear flowers in my hair. Because its what my mother and grandmother always did and it keeps me connected with who I am.

4. Something that changed your perspective?

When I was in London, I really never thought I'd be cooking Indian food, till the time I really started craving it and cooking it, I understood the importance of our own cuisine and how great it is to love and create dishes you've grown up eating.


Nandika is wearing our Olive Flared Sleeve Brunch Dress

Nandika Kumari, is a gender consultant with the Ministry of Women and & Child Development, India. She specializes in all issues regarding women. She loves some good ol' Bollywood, a heated debate on pretty much anything and wishes for equality to be more than just a word we use. I imagine her to be voted 'Most Likely to Be The Next Jennifer Lawrence' in high school - always ready with some self depreciating one liners, everyone's dream BFF and a complete & utter clown. 

1. What is the greatest misconception about the social sector?

I know this is probably really politically incorrect - but it is people think that everyone working in this sector is a good person or is working with good intent. I realised this pretty early and even though it was incredibly disillusioning, I think its the reason I wanted to be a part of it so bad too. I figured it was important that people like me, who actually believed in the effect of this sector - needed to be part of it.

2. What about your work makes you feel proud and fulfilled?

I don't know if I feel that way about my work. I'm not sure if I even feel completely satisfied. But what does keep me going is that in some way what I do affects the lives of others positively (to whatever extent). That there is a significance to the actions I take and a greater meaning to the work I do. Growing up, my father always spoke to my brother and me about the importance of equality. It is an ideal that has influenced me and my chosen career greatly.

3. Do you have dreams? What are they and are they achievable?

I have a million dreams. Unfortunately they are pretty much your standard cliched ones. Eradicate poverty, freedom of all kinds etc, etc. Obviously NONE of these are achievable. None other than one ;)  I dream of being with Aditya Roy Kapur. Its a dream I believe can come true. HAhahahaa.



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