Collection: GULBAHAAR ~ JODI SILK 2021

After a year of being house-bound, we felt a burst of energy and emotions while working on this new collection. A need to stand in the sun. Enjoy its warmth. Almost, find a spot to bloom. Because only then are you able to shed. Shed the past and move forward.

For such feelings, only flowers would suffice. They’ve brought a sense of the wonder outside, into our homes - when we have needed perspective and craved comfort.
Flowers are intricately woven into the fabric of our lives. They sneak into our days, making appearances for love, for sorrow, for scent, for blessings, for secrets, for goodbyes, for appeasement, for beauty!
Gulbahaar is a medley of all that we’ve felt and desired. Sprinkled with a sense of hope for what lies ahead.