Locally cultivated, 100% Handcrafted

Our new menswear edit is somehow otherworldly, whilst being rooted, deeply, in the most familiar setting of all: one’s own home and history. Rooted in the familiar landscape of the Indian countryside and lush coastal villages, the collection reflects the ease of Susegad summer days.

Feel the breeze and embrace the ease with our shirts, and carefully detailed silhouettes.

This collection serves as a testament to our deep-seated appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship. We have played with appliqué techniques, explored the vibrant hues of natural dyeing from Kutch, and introduced organic, hand-dyed, and hand-woven denim. The result is a sensory journey through carefully curated pieces, adorned with our signature hand-blocked JODI prints—an ode to tradition and innovation entwined.

The collection features a delightful small edit of shibori-dyed and hand-printed silk looks, perfect for adding an exquisite touch to festive soirees. Each garment tells a story, a narrative woven with threads of tradition, and a commitment to preserving the cultural heritage from which we draw inspiration.