Collection: THE HIDEAWAY

Memories of a vacation linger long after languid holiday days end. They stay in the feeling of sun on the skin, a glimpse of an arched doorway, sudden flashes of greenery, and of course the clothes that we wore during that time off.

Our latest collection of shirts is a souvenir of a more idyllic moment. They feature our signature Jodi prints—candy-coloured stripes, painterly abstract shapes, fantastical animals, and more. The fits range from boxy camp shirts to slightly smarter, granddad collared full-sleeved shirts. Everything can be worn slickly with trousers or fully unbuttoned if you’re looking to recreate a day spent poolside.  

We treat each of our shirts like little tokens of joy for you to consider adding to a busy, post-lockdown life. And we hope that as you wear them, they will get embedded with your own memories of joy, colour, and calm.