Collection: SANCTUARY

When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear. 
While the past few months have been filled with anxiety and confusion for many of us, what this time alone has allowed - is time for clear thought. It allowed us to focus on what we value most. 
Amidst the current scenario in the world and especially in INDIA, we wanted to go back to the drawing board and focus on the CRAFT, and bring new crafts to the table that would enable us to work with more artisans and create more opportunities. The reason we built JODI was to give a new lease of life to Indian crafts. Due to the pandemic, we’ve had a long gap since we launched a new collection and this gave us the time to work on new techniques, as introducing a new craft requires some bit of time, patience, and R&D. From clamp dyeing to Kutchi mirror work, appliqué + hand embroidery, and of course hand block printing, we’ve explored various handcrafted techniques in this collection with focus on detail. Mindfully crafted pieces that take longer to make but make it all the more special. Slow fashion at its best, inspired by our time spent at home.
Home and personal spaces have been another point of inspiration for us. Spaces you take for granted. Home is peace. Home is safe. Home is a playground. Home is to rest. Home is a place to create in. Home is where one can cry with abandon. Home is a friend. Sometimes it’s also the enemy. Home is what the inside of our brain looks like. 
This time round we wanted to make pieces that you can feel at home in. Find comfort in. Pieces you can put on and imagine holidays in. Pieces you can go to bed in. Pieces you want to hug because you’re feeling a little low. Pieces that you want put on when you want to jump around and dance. Pieces you want to garden and cook in. Pieces that you could be friends with.
We hope you can see the work, attention to detail, and the love we’ve put into this new baby.

Love Gauri + Karuna