11 July, 2019
Instagram is filled with all kinds of pretty stuff. But very little of it is also kind and gentle and comforting and friendly. AND TRUE. Spardha's account @spardhamalik is all of the mentioned. ALL. She's out there championing love and positive vibes, saving the internet one sepia-tinted post at a time.
There's a lot of conversation about inclusivity and body positivity. We like how Spardha walks the talk with such ease. She's not afraid to play with how she puts looks together (and in fashion that's quite a rarity now). We've been following her work since the early days of fashion bloggers in India. What we loved then, we still appreciate about her now. There is a commitment to try new things. To be honest about what she feels. And in person, there are also warm hugs to be gotten when you meet her. Nothing better than warm hugs :)

Ps - pardon our obsession with Stranger Things but everything about Spardha is totally excellent (tubular) so WHY NOT.
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Spardha wears the Dali Kimono and Trousers

Did you always wear what you want to wear or is this something that happened gradually as we move towards a cultural shift towards body positivity?
I always wore what I wanted to wear. I was that chubby teenager who dressed up in her dad's oversized shirts because that's what felt cool to me. I shaved my head in college and dressed like a hippie. And then decided to go super girly in my early 20s for a hot second. Now I’m not even sure what style bracket to slot myself in. I have always had fun with fashion and have never let my body-issues get in the way of that! 

Spardha wears the Mother of Pearl Tiered Dress

What makes you feel better about your body and yourself? 
I know I'm strong, both mentally and physically, and I’m worthy of love and positivity — I just remind myself that whenever I get the blues.

Spardha wears the Raza Wrap Jacket Dress 

Best curvy girl fashion advice?
It's less fashion and more life advice --
"Curvy, or not, play Lizzo on full volume when you're dressing up. It works like magic for your self-confidence!"

3 women who you look up to for fashion inspiration.
I look up to so many women in my life, but here are 3 ladies I find myself stalking a lot on Instagram lately:
Karen Blanchard -- for her sheer creativity and that androgynous-sexy style.
Jeanne Damas -- for her love for classics, and that French girl Je ne sais quoi.
Tracee Ellis Ross -- I can't get enough of her... She looks like she's always having fun with fashion. 

3 Instagram accounts we must follow, one being yourself for curvy fashion inspiration? 
@TaylerSmith -- for her edgy, bad-ass New Yorker style.
@lattefiles -- The way she mixes Indian and International fashion is so riveting.
@watanabenaomi703 -- Naomi’s an eccentric comedian and the brains behind.
@punyus, Japan's first size-inclusive brand.  

Please elaborate on the cardinal fashion rules for curvy women you have broken and break down each JODI look.
"Bold prints are a huge no-no, have you tried black?!"
I love black, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I like to walk into a room and drop jaws too. This trench-to-dress convertible, clever piece just gives me all kinds of good vibes. I don’t care if bold prints bring attention “to problem areas.” Who can even remember they have problem areas when they’re wearing such happy colours?

 "Avoid off-shoulder dresses if you have thick arms"
If you twirl in this dress fast enough, all that bad energy is sure to lift off your shoulders. I love its flirty length, and the neckline is so cute — it’s a perfect date night dress! 

"This co-ord was made for girls with BDE. I could think of so many ways to make it 'flattering' including belting up the kimono to give my waist some 'definition'. Sure there’s nothing wrong with that, I just prefer wearing a bikini under it to challenge the 'definition' of what fat girls should be permitted to wear!"

"Thou shall not wear a thigh high slit!"
I loved this skirt from the first time I saw it on your Insta teasers. I love a good slit — any excuse to rub my ample thighs in the face of patriarchy! Pairing it with a bosom-hugging top was another risky, thoroughly satisfying move.

Styled by Spardha Malik
Photographer Piyush Gwari