05 April, 2018

Row House no 2, Nitron Classic, St. Patrick's Town, 
Wanowrie, Pune 411 013. Phone: 841183212
Mon-Sat, 10.30am-6.30pm.

On a lovely Sunday with the perfect weather, we opened our first ever JODI studio/store to the world and celebrated this milestone with a bunch of our favourite people.


Located away from the bustling traffic in Pune, our first Jodi home has opened doors this year! We are elated, excited and a wee bit nervous that this dream is finally a reality! This has been a rollercoaster ride, but so worth it. Years of procrastinating, Pinterest-ing and working our asses off, dreams do come true. Hidden in the lanes of St Patrick’s town, our idea was to match the chill and peaceful mood of this part of the town. We have designed each corner and chosen the perfect knick knacks to make this space completely JODI. 

Our Jodi Signboard is hand painted and inspired by what we love the most - flora, fauna and wilderness.

Our hand-painted ANAR wall is hard to miss as you enter the store.


Our store area was designe like a living room. We wanted it to feel like home.

We used reclaimed vintage furniture and gave it our spin with eclectic jacquard upholstery.

Yes we use this couch for a quick snooze sometimes. Jodi cushions make it cozy!

This is our office space where we covered our office chairs in Jodi fabrics. And these lights add a touch of whimsy.


Drop in for the perfect dose of colour, print and greens and get a closer look at your favourite Jodi pieces, OR you can simply just come over to chill and have a drink or two! We need a reason to move away from our desks once in a while!