18 July, 2020

Ever walked into a space and felt like you’ve been transported, into a land beaming with stories from years gone by? Such is the quaint home of the interior designer, 
Ravi Vazirani, where every nook and corner is a nostalgic treat. Ample light and muted tones bring out the eclectic mix of art and curios all around his space. A self-taught designer having designed spaces like the Pali Village Cafe and the Jaipur Rugs store in Mumbai, Ravi gives us a tour of his rustic home nestled in Bandra, Mumbai and talks about his love for all things design.

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Illustrations by Rehan Engineer, one of Ravi's favourite artworks (second image from top, extreme left)

How did you start your career in interior design, please give us some background into the kind of work you do?
I am a self-taught interior designer. I like to consider myself an aesthete who figured out how to put his passion to use. The studio, in its 9th year of existence, works on boutique spaces, be it homes, studios/offices, or commercial establishments. The language, simply put is minimalistic and contemporary. 

Four words to describe your decor style?
Simple. Minimalistic. Rustic. Rich.

Your favourite spot in your house?
My couch. I spend most of my time on the couch when I’m home, which is all the time now, cuddling my dog Yoda. 

Any beloved pieces or artworks?
Almost all the works I have collected over the years have a story. My favourites would be the illustrations by Rehan Engineer, which was the first work I ever bought and my latest indulgence, a work by Zarina Hashmi which is special given the context of my work.

On Ravi's desk- art by Biraaj Dodiya. On the floor- the Zarina overlapping a work by Leonardo Pucci

Where have you sourced some of your furniture pieces and curios? 
It’s a whole mix. When you run a design studio, you’re always living with prototypes, things you have chanced upon while shopping for someone else, or things you have had on your bucket list. My home is a combination of all these things. It’s ever-evolving. My favourite pieces are;

  • I am obsessed with the cast brass tables we made for a project. I have the prototypes all around the house.
  • My desk which I got from an antique dealer in Chor Bazaar
  • My Nakashima look-alike coffee table which I spotted from my car on the streets of Kurla, Mumbai
  • My couch is from B&B Italia. It was a hand me down that I didn’t want. Long story short, it made its way in my living room and I spend all my time on it. 

 A dining table designed by Ravi, red wishbone chair by Carl Hansen
How can renters make a space their own without making any major changes?
Seek professional help, there are several designers who help style rented spaces as well. Invest in pieces of furniture or art you’d like to live with for a long time. It’s not about the price, it’s about how much you like the piece. Don’t buy to discard. Art, textiles, and paint finishes are the easiest way to personalise a space. If the light in your space is good, add plants. It always helps.

Ravi wears the Picasso Shirt

What are your favourite Indian brands to shop for home decor?

  • Iqrup & Ritz for their furniture and accessories. Their pieces are impeccably made.
  • Phantom Hands for their beautiful & understated furniture.
  • Mahendra Doshi Antiques. It’s a warehouse full of the most exquisite furniture pieces.
  • Paul Matter for their lights. Delicate impeccably finished beautiful pieces.

    What are a few rules/tips to keep in mind while designing one's apartment? 
    Understand proportions and be realistic. You cannot have everything. Pick your battles and choose what is important. I feel that’s where people screw up the most. They try and fit in everything. Don’t be in a rush. If you cannot decide on something, sleep over it. Trust your designer, you’ve hired them for a reason. Good clients make good projects. Do your homework. Do some research. It goes a long way

    Ravi wears the Serena Bomber Jacket

    Your fantasy dinner party guests?
    Marc Jacobs, Peter Marino, Oliver Gustav, Kelly Wearstler, Geoffrey Bawa, Bevis Bawa, Luis Barragan

    Your favourite travel experience? 
    I love going to a new place and just being. When I travel, I tend to pick a spot and spend a minimum of a week at least in one place, exploring and just enjoying the new experience. I am a city boy, so I tend to find adapting to cities a lot easier. Each experience is similar but unique. You look forward to discovering a few things, experiencing others that are familiar to you. I enjoy spending time in South East Asia and Europe the most.

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