22 August, 2019

Food & health junkie, animal lover + activist, Ritika Mahtani is unapologetically herself and delightfully passionate about what she works with - healthy food! We spent a day talking about our two favourite topics: food & dogs and picked her brain for wellness tips/trends and food recipes. We also spent the day doing our favourite thing, prancing around in JODI!
Have fun reading!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
I’m a health food enthusiast, island girl (born and raised in Tenerife - Spain), animal lover and activist. I run a brand called Roots, where we focus on treats and snacks which not only taste great but are completely artisan, healthy, full of superfoods & non-processed ingredients.

Ritika wears the Frida Day Dress

Are there any easy hacks to stay fitter for a working girl? What would they be?
There are no shortcuts. Make sure you get in an hour of exercise daily. Do some push-ups in bed when you wake up or before going to sleep. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Do some stretches while you’re sitting at your work desk & walk to places which aren’t too far instead of taking your car or your bike! 

What is your favourite go-to healthy drink?
I love mixed berry smoothies. Everything from strawberries to raspberries to açai & blueberries, with some almond milk and bananas.  Berries are super high in anti-oxidants, so smoothies with a variety of berries always make for a great detox and they really amp you up. Banana is high in potassium and also gives you an instant boost in energy. Also, berries are so yummy!

Ritika wears the Mattise Pistachio Midi Dress

Your favourite places for a healthy meal around the city (PUNE)
I love Sante for a lovely wholesome meal at any time of the day. I also really like Cafe 108 for a nice cuppa coffee & catch up.

Ritika wears the Indigo Gauguin Skirt

A wellness trend we should try.
Cupping Therapy. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s got a world of health benefits and targets every issue you could possibly think of. Everything from lymphatic drainage to muscle release to detoxifying the body and calming down your nerves, cupping therapy is not as painful as people make it out to be. It’s more like a deep tissue massage and it feels really good.

What would you choose as your last meal on earth?
My mother’s “Setas al ajillo” it’s a Spanish dish made with a particular type of mushroom, baby chillies, and garlic oil. Divine & filled with mama’s love

Ritika wears the Mother of Pearl Tiered Dress

If you’re craving some eat-at-home easy, yummy snacks that are healthy, go check out her website Roots - https://www.rootsnroots.com/
And if you’re reading this article you’re a lucky bugger, cause you a get a quick, healthy recipe to try out at home that's just pure yummy!

Photographer Aarish Bhathena