13 March, 2018
We love having brand friends or friends who own brands. It helps us not feel so alone in the monumental task of running our business. The OLiO girls are a special kind though. They're also real-life friends. Girls to talk about heartbreak and travel dreams with. Girls who can make a sad day a happy one :)  
We love the brand they've built over the past few years. Its so specific to their personalities. One could almost use OLIO as an adjective if they pleased.
eg. "That party is so Olio." OR, "I'm feeling like some Olio yellow today."

Here we chat with them about what it takes to build a unique brand.

Aashna is wearing the Reef Trapeze Dress and Sneha is wearing the Reef Vintage Blouse

Aashna is wearing the Reef Trapeze Dress

1. What’s something about your job that people will be really surprised that you have to do? 
OLiO: A start-up life requires you to do it all! We've filled our floors with cement, cut 150 paper leaves in a day, cleaned up after a party, made cotton clouds for an event, painted all our props and a couple of times we've even dropped orders off. Recently, we learnt embroidery and tried it on a couple of samples ourselves!

2. How do you ensure that you tackle each day with enthusiasm?
OLiO : Yoga and Cold Brew! But despite your best efforts, some days will be more tough than others. And we've learnt that's totally ok too. Take a break, recuperate and then get back to it!
Sneha is wearing the Reef Vintage Blouse

Sneha is wearing the Shell Vintage Dress

3. Where do you find your biggest inspiration?
OLiO : Inspiration comes from everywhere - the parks we walk in, the food we eat, the gigs we dance at. And also from other girls (such as yourselves) that are kicking ass. 

4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the fashion industry?
OLiO : Don't. But if you really really want to - think about it long and hard. About sustainability before you do decide to start.
Styling by Aanchal Rai
Photography by Gorkey