How to dress while you're pregnant and still look like yourself.

14 December, 2017

A guide to non-maternity wear, pregnant dressing.
Rooparna Coomar is beautiful. Her elfin face, how she carries her short pixie hair and a little bit of sexy in anything she wears. Basically, every girl's girl-crush. What we dig even more than any of the above Rooparna-style-things is how absolutely on-point pregnant Rooparna's style game is. 

Rooparna is wearing the Karma Ruffle Jacket.

A few pointers from this yummy mummy to be. 

What do you do? 
I work as a Public Relations Manager at Indiva Marketing.

How do you figure or maintain a work life balance?
It’s the golden question and I am still trying to figure out a definite solution.

What is your definition of success?
I don’t have one and I am not sure if it can be defined.

Rooparna is wearing the Karma Ruffle Jacket.

How would you describe your personal style?
Currently it is monochromes, clean silhouettes, tailored fits.

How many months pregnant are you?
I am over 5 months pregnant at the moment.

How has it been watching your body change ?
Very exciting, yet difficult. Like most people, I have to work hard towards keeping my body in check. Within two months of being pregnant, my body started to stretch in different directions which initially got me worried. But when I feel the tiny human wriggling inside me, everything feels so worth it.

Rooparna is wearing the Yetho Peasant Blouse.

Style heroes?

Any tips for what should you be wearing whilst being pregnant, incase you hate maternity wear?
One doesn’t NEED to shop from the maternity wear section. Depending on how I feel, I dress myself in non-maternity wear to highlight either my legs or shoulders or arms (not all at once) with a sexy pair of heels or pair of white Nike Cortez. Your glowing skin will do the rest of the work.

Why did you choose the JODI pieces that you wore?
The JODI red checkered jacket made my fascination of wearing a crop top with a big belly come true. The fabric is easy and light weight and the print added an element of fun to the monochromatic outfit.
When one is tiny, you can get away with wearing a long blouse as a dress. I love the silhouette of the JODI blouse. The print camouflaged my bump and revealed my legs in those tie-ups sandals.

Rooparna is wearing the Yetho Peasant Blouse.

3 fail safe pieces of clothing you recommend for someone with a baby bump.

  • I would say, midi skirts and dresses that accentuates your hot mama curves. 
  • A thigh-grazing skater dress that covers the bump, shows your stems and keeps you comfy.
  • An over-sized blouse with a pair of skinny pants with a statement piece for an effortlessly chic look.

How has your style changed with pregnancy?
Not much except my high-waisted wide-legged pants and crop tops have been replaced with loose t-shirts and tights.

What is your go to look, when you wake up in the morning and don't want to have to sit and figure something out?
Black tights and a shirt from my husband’s wardrobe, pulled-back hair, matte red lips with a pair of big earrings and sneakers.

The last favourite book you read?
Sapiens: A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Beauty essentials?
Innisfree green tea serum, Clinique moisture surge moisturiser, L’Oréal tinted sunscreen, Eyeko mascara, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and Versace Crystal Noir perfume.