Why, What, How and No Real Answers - Upper case automatically makes everything more serious

18 May, 2016
What makes any of us want to do something more than what the rest are doing. Why do we want to always do more. When there’s already so much happening. So much done. Why do we want to do it our way.
I always wonder why I chose to do what I do. Why do I love what I do more than I loved biology or music. Those are equally interesting (if not more), and challenging subjects. How is it that i find the challenge of what i do equal to any other.
Its a funny thing. Starting something of your own. Something that already exists in some form. It makes you question everything. Every - fucking - thing.
Especially when somehow before you’re even really aware of it you have 8 people on payroll. And you realize - holyshit! - when did what I have to say matter enough to have commercial viability? 
Starting JODI has been by far the most - i don't know how else to say it - but natural feeling really. I haven't felt that exhilarated or excited - other than that one time we showcased at fashion week - and Karuna and I were both like giddy school girls. JODI has honestly been easy and organic. Not a business plan. But a life plan. Its our voice. Not a constructed thought. 
The only thing perhaps I feel as a now 26 year old (i was 24 when we started it), is that its been a shockingly isolating process. Suddenly I'm not so much of a 24 year old anymore. As much as i run around like a fool, I'm never carefree. I'm always processing. Always somehow responsible. Whether on a mountain top in Bhutan or a remote beach in Andaman Nicobar, it stays with me. JODI always stays with me. At all times.
I see so many peers of ours starting their own ventures now. What one does realize is that everyone is transitioning. Perhaps not at the same pace or the same way. But every one is. Its a good way to look isolation in the eye and say nice try.
We launch JODImag (magazine) so we can talk about such things.  All things quite frankly. So we can find our own tiny way of transitioning into a voice rather than a product.  We have fallen in love with each and everyone of you in how you’ve embraced what we’ve started.
What have we started? A way to see the humour in it all, and of course the beauty in it all. We hope to create a space here for some good laughs, tons of heart and a whole lot of everything called life.
Be good. Not too good.

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