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A Few Good Women

After our last outing with women-we-love, it was clear we couldn't NOT do one again. Good women lift each other up. Great women snort-laugh together! Both cases, a win-win situation. We sat down (all decked out in JODI of course), to gain a little insight into the lives and times of a few girls we'd be happy to dance with at any party:) Here we have Namrata Soni, Akanksha Kamath, Pooja Dhingra and Nishka Lulla talk to us about this and that and everything in between.
Photographs by Zoya Khan
Styling by Manisha Melwani


Rarely do you come across someone who just absolutely LOVES their job. Some one who wakes up excited about it even after ten years or so of doing it. Well that’s because such people never really do it in the same way. Namrata is the real deal. One of the first hair and make artists to make mainstream Bollywood actresses look not just the part but also look like themselves, she makes sure to take into account their personality and adds a dose of her own into the mix too. Anyone should be so lucky as to get an evening with her, to get an insight into her encyclopaedic knowledge about beauty products and make up tricks.

For more of her genius follow her on instagram @namratasoni

Namrata Soni


Namrata Soni wearing our Navy Sailor Dress and Tresmode shoes.

Age: 36

Favourite hour of day: 7.30 pm, when I come home and meet my husband.

Would sing a duet with: Gywneth Paltrow or Anushka Manchanda.

Guilty pleasure: Potato Chips.

Good cop or bad cop: Good Cop.

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.

Style/Beauty icons: Sushmita Sen, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Sharmila Tagore.

First Favourite film: Moulin Rouge Personal motto: Be the best at what you do.

Favourite tipple: Hahahahahhah I don't drink. But if I do then a good rose’ wine.

Most proud of: My Family.

Signature dance: I wish I could salsa.

Fantasy dinner party guest list, dead or alive: Oh God ! It's a very long list. Meryl Streep, Maharani Gayatri Devi, my mom, my nani, Elizabeth Taylor, Gywenth Paltrow.. the list goes on!

Most loved fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty.

Tech must have: My iPhone.

What inspires you: Anything and everything. Life inspires me.

A book that changed your life: Famous five when I was 8.

People are surprised that: I am not an approachable person.

Beauty routine: Water, Moisturiser, Sunscreen and Eye Cream.

A beauty product you can't do without: Sunscreen.

Fav destination and 3 cool things to do or see there: London! Eat at Patty & Bun, watch a musical and walk the streets at Covent garden.

Namrata Soni wearing the Navy Sailor dress by JODI

Namrata Soni wearing our Navy Sailor Dress.



AKA as we like to call her is the girl EVERYone wants as a bff. She is a fashion creative with a keen interest in impactful fashion and a terrible-yet-great sense of humour. [You know exactly what we mean]. She’s just finished a stint with the highly acclaimed and coveted Businessoffashion.com, helming BOF VOICES where topics of diversity, inclusion and the future of fashion were addressed by leaders in the industry and beyond. Fashion journalism from Central Saint Martins, London & gigs at Vogue India, ELLE India and Le Mill - she’s basically doing it all.

Follow this cute-face on instagram @kamathakanksha

Akanksha Kamath wearing the Ivory Overlay Blouse by JODI

Akanksha Kamath wearing our Ivory Overlay Blouse.

Age: 26 going on 80.

Favourite hour of day: Sunset, hands down.

Would sing a duet with: Adele and hate to admit it, but Taylor Swift.

Guilty pleasure: Buying luxury bags I can't quite afford.

Go to fancy dress costume: It'll probably have to be Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist.

Style icons: No one in particular, everyone in general.

First Favourite film: Lion King.

Personal motto: Whatever will be, will be.

Favourite tipple: G&T and Pisco sours.

Best advice: Give it your 100% and beyond that, let the universe take over.

Signature dance: Less of a dancer, more of an awkward sway-er!

Fantasy dinner party guest list, dead or alive: All the people I look up to for their depth of knowledge in fashion - Tim blanks, Suzy Menkes, Alexander Fury.

Most loved fairy tale: Beauty and the Beast.

Tech must have: Wi-Pod.

What inspires you: Autobiographies and motivational quotes and video montages.

A book that changed your life: Most recently 'what I know for sure' by Oprah Winfrey.

Soundtrack of your life: 'Dance with Somebody' from Dirty Dancing.

People are surprised that: I always pick up my trash after a film at the theatre.

If you could wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life: Let’s be honest - jeans. But my new favourite to live in are A-line short skirts (courtesy '60s mod).

Your fav destination and 3 cool things to do or see there: Rome. 1. Get lost - no matter where you walk in Rome, you will discover fantastic architecture, quaint cafes and beautiful people; 2. Be cheesy and throw a coin in Trevi Fountain 3. Eat a lifetime's worth of pasta.

An indie magazine or blog we must check out: Luncheon Magazine in the UK and Love Magazine's digital space.

Your current fashion obsession: Mansur Gavriel's little bucket bag in flesh pink, fish-net socks (so cool for winter styling).

Your favourite feminism quote: "We're all nasty girls”.


Akanksha Kamath wearing the Ivory Overlay Blouse by JODI

Akanksha Kamath wearing our Ivory Overlay Blouse



In our opinion God specially blesses those who have the ability to cook well. In our opinion - again, Pooja is extra blessed because she cooks MAGIC. What makes this more impressive (our love for her is at max, as one can quite obviously see/read here) is that here is some one who also loves the bits most people don't. BUSINESS. This dynamic business woman and author knows not how to stop with the achievements. The first one to bring us delish macaroons, she has made a household name of her cafe Le15, in Colaba, where she serves French bistro food. We feel pretty proud to see a female chef kicking ass in this male dominated industry. Life is short, Eat dessert first!

Follow her on instagram @poojadhingra

Pooja Dhingra wearing the Lotus Anti Fit Dress by JODI

Pooja Dhingra wearing our Lotus Anti Fit Dress and Tresmode shoes.

Age: 30

Favourite hour of day: Morning, the instant I wake up.

Would sing a duet with: Adam Levine.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, chocolate ,chocolate!

Good cop or bad cop: Bad Cop, most def!

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist.

Food icons: Pierre Herme.

First Favourite film: Ram Lakhan.

Personal motto: This too shall pass.

Favourite tipple: Whiskey sours.

Most proud of: Finishing the half marathon.

Signature dance: Anything hip-hop goes, i'm actually pretty good ;)

Fantasy dinner party guest list, dead or alive: Jimmy Fallon, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, Amy Schumer and Obama.

Most loved fairy tale: The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton.

Tech must have: Good pair of headphones.

What inspires you: Travel.

A book that changed your life: The High Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi.

What’s your favourite ’90s jam: Spice Girls!

People are surprised that: I'm capable of a fiery temper.

Fav food destination: Japan.

If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life: Eggs.

Your top picks in India for good food: Indian Accent in New Delhi, Toast & Tonic in Bangalore and Bombay Canteen in Mumbai.

Your favourite feminism quote: Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

Pooja Dhingra wearing the Lotus Anti Fit Dress by JODI

Pooja Dhingra wearing our Lotus Anti Fit Dress.



Nishka’s clothing line emulates an effortless, minimal and super chic vibe. Her floaty silhouettes and sheer layers make us want to be in a fairy tale. What we love more about her, is how lovely she is in person. Her label taps into such attributes as comfort, flexibility and a certain nonchalance.

Follow her on instagram @nishkalulla

Nishka Lulla wearing the Wave Choker Dress by JODI

Nishka Lulla wearing our Wave Choker Dress.

Favourite hour of day: 7 o'clock - workout time.

Would sing a duet with: My grandmother.

Guilty pleasure: Godiva dark chocolates and Espresso Frappuccino.

Go to fancy dress costume: As a Barbie Doll.

Optimist or pessimist: Be optimistic. Don't be a grump.

Style icons: Bridgette Bardot, Jane Birkin.

First Favourite film: 13 going to 30.

Personal motto: Less is more.

Favourite tipple: Champagne.

Best advice: Be your own kind of beautiful.

Fantasy dinner party guest list, dead or alive: Walt Disney, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Brigette Bardot & Julie Andrews.

Most loved fairy tale: Cinderella.

Tech must have: Air pods.

What inspires you: Travelling.

Soundtrack of your life: Somewhere over the rainbow.

If you could wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life: A calf length tutu skirt.

Your fav destination and 3 cool things to do or see there: New York - waffles at Bryant Park, watch a musical at Times Square and long walks at Central Park.

Your current fashion obsession: The Chloe Nile bag.

An item you stole from your mother’s wardrobe and never returned: A vintage pair of ear cuffs.

A millennial you’d like to swap life with for a day: Gigi Hadid.

If you were invisible for a day and could spy on a famous person, who would it be: Nobody!

What are you looking forward to: My next collection and next vacation post that.

Your favourite feminism quote: She needed a hero so that's what she became!

Nishka Lulla wearing the Wave Choker Dress by JODI

Nishka Lulla wearing our Wave Choker Dress.

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