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The first time you meet Tanvi, she chats about a million different ideas. The pace of conversations is easy yet moves forward with gusto. She’s always trying something new - starting book clubs and setting up start-up meetups, while also pushing herself into cultural experiences and travels.With Tanvi, what you feel immediately is a sense of community. That’s what she loves doing. Creating spaces of conversations and ideas for people to find a sense of belonging and discovery.

Founded in 2014, JODI is an India-based fashion label designing ready-to-wear for women and men, with a range of accessories that feature bold colours and graphic prints.

JODI injects a sense of humour into everything it does. We proudly create our own distinct #jodiprints. The brands ethos is to to give a new lease of life to the fading handicraft culture of India.

JODI the name is derived from the word ‘pairs’. Both founders are part of a set of twins. JODI also signifies the pairing of print and colour.

In addition to our online store, we also have a non-virtual, real life shop in Pune, India. If you’re nearby, come and see us, say hi, and check out our latest offerings.

JODI. Keeping it colourful since 2014.

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