This past year we discovered Tanya Mehta. On Instagram. And we were instantly obsessed. (ok guys, this IS our generation. We find people on the web. Izz cool)
A human chameleon (she can go from tanned beach-girl to sexy, evening vixen), Tanya also happens to be the Senior Fashion & Features Writer at Grazia magazine, INDIA.
So happy that we got her to play dress up for us in our new season - SEA collection. Very few women know how to make anything they wear look like something you need. Tanya is one of them. 

Tanya is wearing our Moss Starfish Shirt.

1. What did your love for fashion stem from? How did you end up working in fashion?
My love for fashion stemmed from fashion magazines, being a voracious magazine reader myself. I studied advertising but then went on to study Global Fashion Media which gave me the chance to live and do stints in New York, Shanghai and Paris. I like approaching fashion in an academic manner as well as exploring its constant ties with culture and business. I also write about films, books and travel.

2. Is there a particular vibe you're trying to channel these days while you dress?
My personal style constantly evolves according to my whims and moods. I’ve always liked oversized, androgynous separates and I also steer towards tropical prints. Mom jeans, band T-shirts and summer dresses are my go-to staples. Canvassing through vintage and thrift shops is definitely my form of retail therapy.

Tanya is wearing our Tidal Wrap Dress.

I enjoyed wearing the pink wrap dress the most. It was the perfect amalgamation of old-school femininity with traditional Indian fabrics. It’s the perfect brunch dress."

3. Has working at a fashion magazine affected your style? If yes, then how?
Working with a magazine definitely gives you immense exposure, you’re constantly interacting with industry insiders and attending events where you're subliminally absorbing sartorial cues. However, in my personal experience, travelling and living in three different cities during my MBA has largely influenced my personal style. Living abroad immerses you into a culture and pulls you out of a cocoon you’ve inherently built, it opens you up cerebrally to the diverse style you haven't experienced before, people watching is definitely the best cure for those daily wardrobe crises.

4. We love your Instagram feed. Any Insta-discoveries we can steal from you?
I follow a bunch of cool independent labels that have contemporary clothing and extremely well-curated feeds - Nanushka, Oak & Fort, Khaite and Ganni are some of them.
@lucywilliams02, @_hollyt and @jeannedamas are women of great style.

“I love wrap dresses and ruffles, and I liked how Manisha thought of pairing it with the matching jacket. The sneakers add a cool contrast to the feminine look.”

Tanya is wearing our Sea Ruffle Dress & our Sea Ruffle Jacket.

6. One movie that made you sit up and take notice of the fashion/costumes in it.
Diane Keaton for her infectiously mannish style in Manhattan Murder Mystery and Betty Draper from Mad Men.

7. Any favourite hack to keep your wardrobe systematic and neat? 

I don’t have any actual hacks; I just keep my failsafe options on top of the pile.

8. What songs are you obsessed with right now?

No Diggity by Chet Faker is definitely stuck in my head.

“Tie up shirts and pants are very much my vibe. I like the tropical print vibe. And it’s a super versatile outfit, you can dress it dress it up with espadrilles, or it can be your go-to outfit to run errands, as its super easy."

Tanya is wearing our Moss Starfish Shirt with our Indigo Starfish Culottes

Photographs by Simran Dhanu
Styling by Manisha Melwani


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